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About Vighnahartha Ganesha


Vighnaharta Ganesha is a leading eco-friendly brand from Chaughule Global Inc. India.  A company focused on improving people’s awareness and knowledge about nature-friendly products and enabling better outcomes for healthy living, preserving nature and happy families. This company quickly became a leader in home delivering eco-friendly idols. 

More about Vighnahartha Ganesha 

The year was 2020,  when the entire world came to an standstill and was looking at a new hope of survival. It was a time when our founder thought to connect the people with their faith and spirituality.  In midst of a complete lockdown she decided to reunite the devotees with their strength by bringing Ganesha to their homes. 

By identifying the gap between what customers needed and what online retail could accomplish, Ms Chaughule decided to create a complete online system to help people retain their devotion with their favourite Ganeshji. The customers most benefitted through this system were senior citizens, new parents with infants and  customers who simply wanted to welcome Ganeshji in comfort of their homes.  

The idea was simple in concept but not so simple in execution, as every home delivery came with a risk. She wanted to serve customers who resorted to catalogue to book their Ganesh idol but failed to  find their choices in the local stores. So, she launched Vighnaharta years of hard work.

Vighnaharta Ganesha now has thousands of happy devotees who choose from hundreds of handcrafted designs to meet every need of the ganesh festival...


As a determined young girl, who studied civil engineering & MBA she was never overawed by money or fame but instead was drawn towards working for a cause, while blending it with her passion for arts. And that’s how started her journey of becoming a successful entrepenuer,  social activist, counsellor, writer, producer and director. 

She spearheads "Woman empowerment & self-defence program", she is a solo Designer & executor of the Nirbhaya safety Drive Campaign & has trained 11 lakh, women and girls.

She has been awarded the Mumbai Heroes title at Humanity First Conclave, an initiative by United Nations, 2019
She has been awarded for her social cause by Nasik Police Commissioner in 2017

Awarded as Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 by Senior Citizens of Andheri.

She was the face of Advantage Woman ICICI 

She represented a paper on the role of women in the South Asian Film Industry at Peradeniya University Sri Lanka.

She is the founder of Thrumyeyes Entertainment, Chaughule Global Inc. and Wings for Her Global Foundation. 



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